Our fees, treatment plans, insurance, and VA

Fees and Treatment Plans

▸▸ Initial Consultation
     $80 Initial Consultation

▸▸ Acupuncture Treatment
     $100 Single Treatment      
     $96 with cash, check   

▸▸ Treatment Package
     $576 Six Treatments       
     $552 with cash, check   

▸▸ Gift Certificates are available

  • Patients will be billed for missed appointments

  • Superbills can be issued for patient submission to insurance companies

  • Payment is due at time of services

  • 24 hour notice is required for all cancellations

  • 48 hour notice for all new patients

As an autoimmune patient, it’s difficult to understand the why’s and how’s of the disease. Kayte has been able to explain things in a way that no doctor has. She has guided my understanding of the signs and triggers I need to know to balance my life.

With the help of Acupuncture and other alternative therapies, I have been able to remain in the workforce and do most everything else I want! Whenever I meet someone else with a similar ailment, I ALWAYS recommend acupuncture!
— Andrea Serna, Ed.D.


In the State of South Dakota, insurance companies do not reimburse for acupuncture performed by nationally certified acupuncturists because acupuncture is yet to be regulated by the state. (If you would like this to change, please consider talking to your state representative.) It is, however, recognized and regulated in 47 other states, so please check with your insurance provider to ask about reimbursement. We would be pleased to provide you a superbill.

Health Savings Plans

Your health savings plan will likely reimburse you for acupuncture treatments. Many HSAs provide you with a debit card for your account. We are happy to accept those cards.

Veteran Care

Local VA services often refer patients to us for veteran care. Please contact your VA physician to ask if acupuncture may be right for you.

My first acupuncture treatment consisted of a bit of dried herb in a cute little box that I held on my lower belly. To be fair, I was 9 and I was terrified of needles. Ten years later, I still don’t like needles but I LOVE acupuncture. Kayte helps me connect with my body’s wisdom and use it to guide me through life.
— Keeley Ireland

photo by Jeswin Thomas, Pixabay from Pexels