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The journey to wellness is a three-way partnership between you, your body, and your healthcare practitioner.

By listening carefully to your body – how it responds, what it likes and doesn’t like – you and your practitioner can learn how to honor your body’s needs more fully, speeding recovery and enhancing wellness.

Illnesses may be identical, but the persons suffering from them are different. Physicians therefore must carefully take into account the differences among people.
— Hsu Ta-Ch’un 1757

Acupuncture 4 Health encourages healing by restoring balance to promote harmony and wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

We provide acupuncture and Oriental medicine with a functional healthcare focused approach in a respectful, caring environment.

I enjoy working with Kayte both personally and professionally. She is a good listener, wonderful healer, and talented empath that I have recommended to my family, friends and patients. Oriental medicine, and Kayte specifically, is good at getting to the root cause of things and working to unwind the complexities that create illness. Western and Eastern medicine should be married to create a seamless healing of mind, body and spirit.
— Joy Falkenburg, MD

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