Your body holds healing potential &
acupuncture helps you access it 

Acupuncture restores balance to body, mind, and spirit by repairing, restoring, and potentiating your own internal healing mechanisms.

Acupuncture is safe, gentle, and effective. It supports health, improves overall wellness, and treats acute and / or chronic illnesses or injuries.

Kayte helped me move from surviving to thriving in my physical, emotional, and mental realms. She is personable, professional, flexible, knowledgeable, and wonderfully competent in performing acupuncture treatments for my wide variety of “weird” issues!
— Julie Lien

Acupuncture stimulates a series of subtle and powerful physical responses. These responses work together to:

  • decrease inflammation
  • enhance range of motion
  • regulate hormones
  • diminish stress
  • reduce pain
  • promote faster healing
  • improve immune response
  • release muscle tension

Dietary and lifestyle changes and stress management are equally important to assist and support your healing process. All branches of Oriental medicine (which includes acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, and particular types of breath and body work) work together to restore balance and harmony to your body’s fight-or-flight and rest-and-repair responses.

If it wasn’t for Kayte, I would never have had the energy to ski, bike, hike and exercise! She’s been doctor, counselor, nutritionist and friend.
— Deanna

Repair and restore your relationship with your body   

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