Our team: Your partners in health

The team at Acupuncture 4 Health is committed to providing exceptional, patient-centered care to the Black Hills community. We are honored to partner with patients in our Rapid City and Custer clinics.

This partnership involves mutual trust and responsibilities.

For our part, we will listen carefully, answer your questions clearly, respect your time and your privacy, do our best to help you accomplish your goals, and share our knowledge freely within our individual skill sets.

We also strive to live the kind of balanced lives we encourage our patients to live.

Kayte Halstead, acupuncture and Oriental medicine practitioner, owner of Acupuncture 4 Health


Kayte suffered with migraines for more than 13 years before she discovered acupuncture. She was fascinated by a medicine that engaged her rational mind, demanded she access her intuition, and provided unlimited lifelong learning.

She is even more passionate about the relevance of “ancient medicine” today than when she first opened Acupuncture 4 Health in 2003.

Kayte’s vision of intentional healthcare bridges personal responsibility with lifestyle management, Oriental medicine and western medical care. She is committed to integrating functional medicine, lifestyle medicine and Oriental medicine into a rich tapestry of support for the 21st century.

Nationally certified and with a master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine, Kayte is also a founding member of the South Dakota Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Association (SDAOMA). Currently, there are no state standards regulating the practice of acupuncture. Thus, the major purposes of the association are to educate; to promote excellence and integrity within the profession; and to establish Oriental medicine as a distinct field of medicine in the state.

Mary Maisey-Ireland, business and life coach


Mary’s love of empowering people and businesses to reach their potential brought her to our team. Formally, she’s in charge of business development. Informally, she helps keep everyone on an even keel, connected to their purposes and goals.

A self-confessed “variety junkie,” Mary also has a personal and business coaching practice, is a wedding ceremony officiant, and has several other projects she’s nurturing.

Learn more about Mary’s Life & Business Coaching.

Hank Halstead, team supporter for Acupuncture 4 Health


Hank does anything and everything to support the team, from making calls to remind you about your upcoming appointment to running errands and handling remodeling and maintenance issues. It’s a far cry from his days as a quality engineer, but the rewards are worth it!

Heather Graf Lensegrav, Occupational / Massage Therapist specializing in craniosacral therapy


Heather specializes in Craniosacral Therapy, a noninvasive approach perfect for those with chronic pain. While technically not part of Acupuncture 4 Health, she fell in love with Oriental medicine and life coaching after experiencing its healing effects when she was seriously ill, and she has shared our offices and her healing touch with us since 2009.

Learn more about Heather’s work.

Let us become your partners in health and healing

Reach out with a phone call.  

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